Crip Club is an online community & an accessible podcast, the first of its kind. It uses film discussion to tackle ableism behind the camera, on screen and in cinemas. It dissects the history of Cripping Up, creates an accessible community and celebrates disabled film talent.

Each week, Crip Club will invite a disabled filmmaker to celebrate them and their journey. We then review an Oscar nominated disability portrayal via The Crip Club scoring card. The Crip Club is redefining what an accessible podcast should look like, it includes BSL translation, a transcript and is accessible on all mainstream platforms.

The future of Crip Club is to be a fully accessible film club, UK-wide and is looking for partnership to create a sustainable future.

The Crip Club manifesto is to end the awarding of Cripping Up. To bring into the mainstream the conversation of Disability Justice. To create a brave space where Crips can connect and chat about the thing we all love, film.

Our aims are to create:

  • Community
  • Coversation
  • A truly accessible podcast experience

And ultimately to end the practice of Cripping Up.

This season we will be looking at the celebration of Cripping Up at the Oscars.

A brief history lesson:

59 actors have been nominated for a best actor or supporting actor for playing a disabled role.

Of those nominations 50% have gone on to win. 

Only 3 disabled actors have ever won.

That is less than 1% of Oscars received ever. 

20% of the population is disabled, so why aren’t their stories represented in film and culture? And if they are, it’s not by them.

Let’s change that!

Meet the team

Clare Baines (she/her), the founder of Crip Club is a visually impaired activist, creative, and a self-proclaimed ‘classic taurus’.

She currently works at the British Film Institute as Inclusion Partner with a focus on accessible filmmaking. Any opinions expressed in Crip Club are her own.

pictured clare baines. a white woman with dyed red wavy hair. she is wearing a black high neck top with a gold chain.

History of The Crip Club

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